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Newsflash module that retrieves article's title, introtext, intro image and urlA and displays info in Google Image Search-like display.

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Project Name: Odd Stuff
[2014-07-21 6:12 UTC]

If you want to create usergroups with article editing capabilities, don't use 'Registered' group as parent of your new UGs, or you risk not to include other critical permissions like Media Manager access. It's safer to create groups from 'Author' group at least, and denying access to other resources as needed.

Project Name: CRIEEL Website
[2014-07-21 5:57 UTC]

New custom usergroups are children of 'Registered' UG and were granted access to their respective categories BUT were not granted access to Media Manager. Problem was solved by modifying MM permissions to the usergroups.

Project Name: Odd Stuff
[2014-07-04 20:37 UTC]

Never, NEVER simply rewrite quickstart's articles in order to populate your site, blog ordering becomes a nightmare #notetoself #joomla

Project Name: Odd Stuff
[2014-07-04 20:02 UTC]

Joomla's RSS feed changes according to visitor's privileges, if you're logged in as a registered user, your RSS will include registered level articles too, if you're an administrator, you can even see unpublished articles in your RSS

Project Name: CRIEEL Website
[2014-07-04 17:06 UTC]

Good ol' Sigplus Gallery http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/photos-a-images/galleries/content-photo-gallery/11426 includes a 'Flow' layout that is responsive. Admin can enable it either by:

  • Going to Extensions>Plugin Manager>Image gallery - sigplus>Layout: Flow, or
  • Adding the parameter layout=flow when inserting the respective code snippet.

Since responsiveness must be a default feature at the whole website, it makes more sense to set it as a plugin parameter than to add the code at each implementation of the gallery.

Default slideshow layout got disabled and all available images in the folder are displayed at once, but flow layout arranges them in a nice way. For more info about sigplus, visit: http://hunyadi.info.hu/levente/en/sigplus/demo

Project Name: New Homepage
[2014-06-20 6:10 UTC]

I'm trying IFTTT to post all blog's updates to my social pages in Facebook, Twitter and Linked In

Project Name: Adding JQuery Masonry to Hikashop content module
[2014-06-16 5:38 UTC]

For simplicity's sake, I will add the following masonry script:


Directly into template. I copied the file masonry.pkgd.min.js into template's /js folder:

[template's base url]/styles/[style name]/js

And followed the instructions on how to add a script to Yoo template using Warp framework:


It's important to be sure we're working with style's folder instead of main one (both are very similar and it's easy to confuse them). Right base folder is :

[template's base url]/styles/[style name]

Finally, I added the script into template that adds the masonry effect to the respective HTML elements, in this case #hikashop_category_information_module_146 as container and .hikashop_product as repeated item.

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